The new preamp, Idun, which replaces the former S2, is, as all Bladelius designs fully balanced, dynamic, detailed and gives a presentation of music true to life. 
Seven analogue input pairs are provided for use with 2 balanced (XLR) and 5 single-ended (RCA) sources. One pair of balanced and one pair of unbalanced and pre-amp outputs allows for connection to any external power amplifier. Input sensitivity can be adjusted for each input to balance the differences in output signal of other components so you have the same output level as you switch inputs. The Home Theatre input allows you to use the Idun in a multi-channel setup with just a push of a button. The Linear power supply for the audio-circuits has a much larger torodial transformer than you normally will find in a preamplifier. All signal handling thru the amplifier is fully balanced. The included remote control is a system remote that can control all Bladelius products.

Bladelius Design Group